Swaelu took our festival materials to the next level.
— Maximum Ames

Maximum ames

Swaelu has built a close relationship with Max Ames. Providing all the ticketing for the festival (through MIDWESTIX), their logo, and design materials for their 5th year anniversary. We also worked to procure new events like the Max Thanx party that gives recognition back to the Ames music community and festival supporters.



•  2015 & 2016 Identity Design
•  5 Year Celebration Logo
•  Sponsorship Proposals
•  Digital and Print Ads
•  Festival Wristbands and Badges
•  Citywide Banners
•  Flyers, Posters, and Postcards
•  T-Shirt Design
•  Festival Guide (insert for ISU Daily)
•  Organization of Max Thanx Party
•  Max Thanx Materials
•  20+ Awards for Festival Partners