During this busy season, the system they created for us makes things so much easier than when we started and I feel really lucky that we have them as a resource to build this system for us. Considering the systems that I had to work with in the past and I thought that was going to be the best that we were going to be able to get, your product blows it out of the water.
— Melinda Casady, Teacher & Knife Wielder at Portland's Culinary Workshop

portland culinary workshop

Swaelu partnered with the Portland Culinary Workshop and their sister company, MIDWESTIX, to provide a comprehensive brand identity, website management services and an integrated ticketing solution for their cooking workshops. 

Services Provided

•  Website Management
•  Online Class Registration (MIDWESTIX)
•  Exhibit Banners
•  Posters / Postcards
•  Brochures